What is an Endowment?

Endowed funds are perpetual gifts which link the past, present and future. The income from endowed funds is vital to PHSC’s ability to provide an advanced quality education for the advancement of our community.

Endowed Gifts

An endowment is a fund of money given to the Foundation wherein the principle is permanently kept and invested. The annual return or interest is used to fund University activities and programs, among them distinguished professorships, chairs, and student scholarships. By establishing an endowment, your gift makes a difference every year.

Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarships help the College provide an excellent education to qualifying students, regardless of need. The minimum gift to endow a named scholarship is $15,000. You can also contribute to an existing endowment or make a non-endowed scholarship gift.

Endowed Chair 

An endowed chair is an honor bestowed on an outstanding faculty member and provides him or her with additional research and teaching resources. Endowments are an important means to attract and keep exceptional faculty. To endow a named chair the minimum gift is $15,000


For further information on endowed scholarship and how you can make a difference, contact the PHSC Foundation office at 727-816-3410 or foundation@phsc.edu.