The PHSC Foundation recently partnered with HundredX, a data collection corporation that supports non-profit organizations by generating funding through feedback from supporters. Through the Express Feedback for Good Campaign, the PHSC Foundation was successful in raising $29,000 to support the Friends of the Foundation Fund. The funding generated will allow the PHSC Foundation to respond to the most pressing needs of the College and direct funds for the greatest impact.

The Express Feedback for Good Campaign was a true PHSC family initiative. The PHSC Foundation personally thanks the following individuals for their support in making the campaign a success and to those who partipated in the PHSC Express Feedback for Good campaign video:

Kevin Curtis, Digital Media Manager

Timothy Beard, Ph.D., PHSC President

Maria Witherell, Assistant Dean of Arts and Sciences

Bob Bade, Senior Vice President, Chief Student Affair and Enrollment Management Officer

Angela Lewis-Bennet, PHSC 2020 Distinguished Alumna of the Year

Dennis Feltwell, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs and Retention Services

Coach Dave Mayler and the Engagement Games Team

Athletic department including Steve Winterling, Athletics Director; coaches, athletes, and Boomer.